Need help with your book, screenplay, film, TV show, web series, skit, etc.?
Marlon Green offers the following services:

Story or Script Consultation: $300

Receive expert advice and assistance with the structure, storyline/plot, dialogue, and transition of your manuscript/screenplay.

Story Editing: $500

This is the most popular service! Your story will have its quality increased by improving the fluidity, making sure the dialogue is genuine and believable, making the timing sharper, and checking the structure. The plot, storyline, and sequence will be checked for accuracy. If any area of the novel/screenplay has holes, they will be fixed. This service is the difference between making a good story great.

Typesetting: $300

Have your manuscript set precisely on each page of your book so that it fits and reads perfectly without flaws.  Script Conversion: $800
Have your novel converted into a script.

Ghostwriting: contact for estimate:
Have your screenplay or novel written for you.

Directing: contact for estimate:
Have me direct your movie, stage play, or episode/webisode.