Marlon grew up in Seat Pleasant, MD. He attended Crossland and Parkdale high schools, then studied literature and the arts, while sharpening his writing skills, at Morgan State University. He graduated and became a 3rd grade teacher for DC Public Schools.

He met the great Nikki Giovanni, and she equipped him with the knowledge and motivation to publish books. Soon, Making Love in the Rain was released and more books followed. He then began publishing other authors.

Authors had difficulty getting into bookstores, so Marlon opened Peek-A-Boo Books and allowed entry to all authors.

He writes screenplays/scripts, produce and direct films, serves as a consultant to writers and publishers, motivates and informs via lectures, and organizes workshops.

Marlon Green loves working with kids to increase literacy, reading comprehension, and higher education, and decrease the dangerous influences that plague our youth. He has a new book series for children titled The Great Adventures of Little Marlon. The first book, based on a true story, is Never Hit Girls.